Fundraising for us at Ballinasloe Cancer Support is a fantastic way to use your skills, have some fun and raise some money for a good cause. There are so many ways in which you can help us, whether you just have a few hours free to host a bake sale, several days to take part in a challenge event, or even the commitment to run a marathon. Whatever the scale, we would love to hear from you.

If you'd like some fundraising inspiration, check out some ideas and tips for organising a great event below - provided by
Irish Cancer Society.

You can start fundraising for us through iDonate by clicking the button below. Just search for “Ballinasloe Cancer Support Centre” under the cause you are raising for and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can contact us by emailing, or call our office on 090 96 45574, if you’d like us to give you a hand.


Quick and easy events


Shave your head for cancer

Make the ultimate fashion statement by shaving your head or dyeing your hair for cancer. Collect pledges from your friends, family and co-workers and once you reach your goal, shave it off!

Many supporters also choose to grow their hair to a specific length and donate the hair once it's cut to make wigs for cancer patients.

Table quizzes

Throughout the year, many supporters organise quick and easy table quizzes at their local pubs, organising friends, family and co-workers together for a night of fun and entertainment while collecting donations for people with cancer. Make the rounds interesting and varied; a music round, a picture round and even a taste round – Everyone loves a good table quiz!

Other small event ideas:

  • An unwanted present sale - Ask everyone to bring unwanted gifts or purchases, one person’s junk is another person’s perfect buy! Check out our very own Pop Up Shop.

  • A spot the baby photo competition - Ask people to submit a baby photo and have a ‘guess who?’ competition! Charge an entry fee and offer a prize to the person who gets the most right.

  • A football competition - Hold a sports event, get your friends, colleagues and family together for a round of golf or soccer match – Everyone is always up for a game!


Fundraising ideas for your workplace

Organising an event in the office or at your workplace? Have a look at some of the ideas below specifically for you and your co-workers!

  • Have a yellow day at work! – Host a yellow themed event or day at work and turn your workplace yellow. Ask all staff to wear yellow, have a yellow themed bake sale or host a yellow themed lunch.

  • ‘Who’s that baby?’ photo competition – Ask people to submit a baby photo and have a ‘guess who?’ competition! Charge an entry fee and offer a prize to the person who gets the most right.

  • Raffles - Raffle off an annual leave day, a coveted parking spot, or a free lunch for a team. The more valuable the prize, the more money you’ll raise!

  • Table quiz – Hold a quiz in work and make the rounds interesting and varied; a music round; a picture round and general knowledge round. Everyone loves a good table quiz!

  • Bake off – Have a bake off competition amongst your colleagues and sell the goodies to the rest of the office. Make sure to ask everyone to make something yellow or with daffodils, like lemon cake, lemon cheesecake or vanilla cupcakes. It’s a great way to catch up with people!

  • Spin-a-thon – Get your lycra on for a great cause! Ask a local gym or a friend if you could borrow a stationary bike and have co-workers sign up to take a shift on the bike. Set a goal, like the distance from Cork to Dublin!

  • Pamper day – Organise treats in your office for your colleagues such as a pop-up nail bar, mini massages, yoga class etc.


Medium-sized events

Do your own run, walk or roll event for cancer research

We are inviting communities across Ireland to run, walk and roll in just about anything with wheels - scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, prams, bikes - as long as it doesn’t have an engine.

Not only will you help support cancer research, but you will also bring your friends and families together for a great, fun day out!

Concerts and music events

Many supporters choose to create tributes to their favourite artists by organising music-themed events to raise money for cancer. Recent losses of gifted musicians like David Bowie and Prince have inspired fans to organise concerts and club events at small venues to celebrate their favourite artists' work while collecting funds.

Supporters generally find local music venues and pubs are very open to hosting the event for free or at a discounted rate, which makes organising the event so much easier!

Other medium event ideas:

  • A dinner dance or disco.

  • A raffle.

  • An art exhibition or auction.


Galas and bigger events

Organise a golf tournament for cancer

Golf events are a great form of fundraising. It’s easy to find people who love to play golf and there are lots of simple, fun ways to raise money through competitions, games and challenges.

We even have a special programme for golf enthusiasts where you can represent the Irish Cancer Society at your local club.

Fashion shows and fancy dresses

Organising a fashion show or a fancy dress is a rewarding and fun way of joining the fight against cancer. 

Spotlight: Supporters in Drogheda organised a phenomenal fashion show as part of our 2016 Daffodil Day campaign. The show raised over €11,000 and saw an eclectic mix of shops showing both male and female fashion, sports gear and eyewear, as well as featured several cancer survivors who took to the runway to show off some amazing outfits.

Other big event ideas:

  • A New Year's Eve party.

  • A garden party.


Challenge and sporting events

Marathons, mini marathons and races. If you would like to fundraise for the Irish Cancer Society at an existing, organised marathon or mini marathon, you can use our online form to request a sponsorship pack. Your pack will include sponsorship cards, a fundraising guide and an Irish Cancer Society t-shirt. Registering to fundraise with us does not secure you your race entry though, so don't forget to register through the race website!

Hikes and walks. Organise your own walk or hike . It's a great way to gather together friends, co-workers, family and neighbours for a good cause and get some exercise.

Spotlight: Retired pensioner Marty wanted to do something in the fight against cancer. Having lost multiple friends and family to the disease, he decided to walk around the entire coast of Ireland, fundraising along the way by organising coffee mornings and other events. Marty gained fame as the "couch-surfing pensioner", depending on the generosity of locals along his way to provide a place to sleep and eat.

Cycling events

Turn your love of the outdoors and bikes into a fundraiser by organising your own cycling challenge. Many cycling enthusiasts decide on a route, either through specific areas or a specific distance, and collect pledges to complete their challenge. The more exotic and the more challenging the better!

Spotlight: Letterkenny native Roger turned his love of cycling and a desire to raise money for cancer into a personal challenge. He set a goal of €5,000 and set off on a 60 day, 3,750 mile transatlantic cycle across America.

Other challenge ideas:

  • Sky dives and parachute jumps - Organise your own parachute jump and challenge yourself at 10,000 ft! Sign up to fundraise for us and we'll help you out by sending a sponsorship pack.

  • Mud runs and endurance challenges - Get dirty for a good cause! Organise your own mud run or endurance challenge or take part in an existing event like Tough Mudder or Hell & Back and fundraise for us. We will provide you with a sponsorship pack containing everything you need to raise money.

Inspired? Get started!

Once you decide what kind of event you want to do for us, let us know by going to iDonate and starting a fundraising campaign by clicking, here.